Sunday, August 8, 2010

Marriage Advice

At the wedding we got to add to a list of advice for the bride and groom. Here was ours (basically):

Remember that you are both on the same team. In the game of life, your spouse should be the best teammate you ever have and you should be the best teammate he/she will ever have.

When you disagree it isn't about who wins or loses, because you're playing together, not against one another. It is about coming to a decision you can both live with. Sometimes you can compromise, but don't be sour if you don't take anything from the decision. The victory isn't in getting more of your way, it's in working together and staying on the same team while you reach your and your spouse's goals.

If the topic of disagreement isn't incredibly important to you, let it go, let your spouse have his/her way if it means the world to him/her and you can live with it without any grief.

Don't fight over the unimportant stuff, and most of the day to day quarrels between couples who fight are over issues that aren't big enough to be issues at all.

If your hubby wants you to go to his softball games, go, cause it will make him happy, even if you hate spending hours in the hot sun. If your wife wants that new pair of expensive shoes, let her splurge every once in awhile, cause it will make her happy even if isn't necessarily in the budget.

It isn't about being right, it's about working together so that you're both happy most of the time. :)

Good luck Benji & Christina!

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