Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's a girl!

Had our 19 week anatomy scan ultrasound yesterday :)

Sophia looks healthy and is growing right on schedule. She weighs in at a whopping 10 ounces.

I heard that a little caffiene or sugar helps the ultrasound tech because it gets the baby moving so they can get good angles during the scan. So our little Sophia was all hopped up on Mountian Dew ;) Not too much of course.

It was great to get good news yesterday. This weekend did not treat us well.

We tried to go camping on Saturday and after a bumpy car ride on a dirt road, we are pretty sure I knocked a kidney stone loose and within an hour I couldn't walk or move for the pain. Spent the night in the ER.

I had what they assumed was a kidney stone attack a few weeks ago too. Most painful experience ever, both times. I don't have a history of them, but they can't confirm their prescence while I'm pregnant because they would normally do a CAT scan and we don't want to expose Sophia to radiation.

Basically, I have to either hope it goes away on its own, or deal with it once Sophia has arrived. Hopefully I can avoid anymore of the painful attacks.

At least I got to listen to Sophia on the heartbeat moniter in the hospital for several hours. I love just being with her. When we can hear her heartbeat or see her on the ultrasound screen, I feel like we are spending time with her. :P


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