Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Project : Siding the House

Here's what we got done so far:

Yesterday morning 8:16 a.m. - taking down the old yellow siding from the back

Yesterday morning 10:57 a.m. - old siding is gone, putting up window sealing tape and J-channel siding around the windows

Yesterday 6:33 p.m. - new siding is going up. It doesn't seem like a lot changed from the last picture, but the detailed cutting takes time and practice. We definitly got faster as we went, and only made two mistake cuts, which I think is pretty good.. especially since we were able to use most of our mistake pieces for other places.

Last night 7:50 p.m. - This is the last shot of the day. A few more pieces went up on the left hand side of picture before we called it a day, but we didn't have enough light for more photos. All in all, we didn't get as far as I had hoped, but it looks flawless, so I'm still thrilled.

Today we are hoping to finish the back side and one of the sides of the house. Will be super elated if we can get the front started before we call it a day today. The side we are going to be working on has a door that we are removing, so that will slow us down. More pics tomorrow :)


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