Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pickles and Toast

Sorry I haven't posted in a few day.. but soon after the positive pregnancy test, morning sickness began to kick my butt.

Not just in the morning either, for the past few days I have been sick for most of the day and I also have developed a headcold. So I've been trudging my way through work at the office and sleeping when I get home. Haven't gotten much done.

Dave and I are very excited we are pregnant again, although it comes with a lot of tension this time because it's hard to let ourselves get too happy until we know this is a viable pregnancy, and not like last time. We have an appointment May 27th with the OBGYN. Until then.. it's like holding our breathes and praying this miracle really is a baby and not another heartbreak. I hate to be negative, but each happy thought seems plagued with a "what if".

Today I finally feel like I have gotten some of the nausea under control. I had my doubts when the woman who sits behind me at work told to try pickles to calm my stomach, but after some research found that vinegar neutralizes stomach acid, so I had my mom pick up a big deli pickle for me. I ate it, kept it down, and do feel much less nauseus. This is great, cause I love pickles.

At home, Dave has started work on the hole in front of the door. The old drywall has been removed, all insulation that was wet has been removed and replaced and new drywall has been installed. Now all there is left to is spackle, sand and paint. Although, spackling is the hardest part.

This weekend I have a small adventure in parenthood simulation planned. I am babysitting four boys. Our friends have a 10 year old (who is mildly autistic), a 12 year old foster child and a pair of four year old adopted twins. We are watching them from noon on Saturday until 9 ish on Sunday evening. Should be quite the circus.

Hopefully I'll be well enough to post soon.


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