Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bag of Nerves

That's me.

So to fill ya'll in on what has happened since my last post, I continued to get sicker.

Over the weekend, I couldn't keep down anything, solid or liquid. I spent all weekend praying to the toilet for the throwing up to end. And to the front yard, and to the back yard, and to the K-mart parking lot...

Anyhow, by Sunday night I was weak, exhuasted and worried. I called my OBGYN, she told me to go to the ER (which was what I had been hoping she'd say) and David whisked me off to Kennedy Hospital.

They gave me two bags of fluids and some medication for the nausea. I was so relived to finally not feel seconds from puking, I slept most of the time. After a few hours, blood tests and a urine sample, the Doctor told me all results pointed to bad dehydration. (I'm praying that since he didn't say anything else looked off that may be a good sign for this pregnancy). He also said some girls have to be a medication for morning sickness, after that he said and for you, it's time.

So he prescribed me Zofran. Which has been a life changer. I can eat again. I can sleep through the night. I can actually spend time doing things other than tossing up everything I try to force down.

He only gave me enough to last til tomorrow morning, I'm hoping my OBGYN called in a refill to CVS. o.O

So, big event today. Terrifying or exciting.. Dream making or breaking. The ultrasound. It's scheduled for 6 tonight.

Please God, let it be different than last time. Please let us see a baby's heartbeat on the screen. I'm not sure how I'd deal with bad news again... the first time was impossibly hard. If it happens again.. I'm gonna feel absolutly cursed.

Wish us luck.


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