Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm 3 days late according to my iphone ;)

This weekend has to be full of accomplishment!

Hopefully we will get our porch done. Right now, the old frame is lying in the dirt and there is plastic sheeting where siding should be. The new porch (or rather repaired old porch since we are using much of the old frame) will be freestanding instead of being attached to the house.

I have my hopes high that tonight after work we will be able to get all the holes dug for the posts that will hold up the new deck.

Positive thinking has me picturing myself enjoying a cold drink (non alcoholic of course) on my porch Sunday night. And just for clarification, that image does not include railing, just decking and stairs.. can't get too hopeful.

Also hoping to repair the hole over the front door and get drywall up on the bathroom ceiling.

Wish us luck (on all accounts!)


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